This is a temporal website for the CDAV/Advanced Rendering Techniques course!


Topic Sub-topic
Physically-based rendering models Light-transport Theory. Light and Color.
Reflectance models.
Participating media.
Advanced rendering algorithms.
Physically-based camera models.
Real-time rendering models and techniques. Rendering hardware. GPU Architectures. Shaders.
Rasterization. Ray-tracing. Hybrid Architectures.
Real-time Advanced Lighting Techniques.
Rendering vs Post-processing.
· Generation of Real-time Reflections.
· Generation of Real-time Shadowing.
· Real-time camera effects.
Shader programming, advanced materials and VFX Introduction to shading languages and material definition.


Useful references (under construction):


Ristchel et al. 2012 The state of the art in interactive global illumination